Entry Ivola (i, vola)
Part of speech name (toponym) [full list]
Coordinates -25.4666667, 45.4333333
-24.9166667, 46.9166667
-20.3833333, 47.3666667
Toponymy vola

Entry I Vola
Part of speech name (book or play title)
Author Andry Andraina, 1975
Publishings 1991. Trano Printy Fiangonana Loterana Malagasy. Width: 12cm. Height: 17cm. Pages: 144.
Description The novel tells the amusing tale and misadventures of a young countryman, Dera, who has come to live in the capital with Vola, the middle-class woman he has married. The situations he finds himself in, ranging from the comical to the dramatic, are deftly handled by the author with a verve all his own. (UNESCO, 2007)
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